"...This site is dedicated to both my late, wonderful Parents and great friend Steve Cavalier who were all,  inspirational and great supporters of me on this wonderful Systema journey..."

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Rob has been studying Systema for over six years now, continuing to learn under the tutelage of highly respected and experienced Systema Instructors around the World.

Rob's comment

“To be able to sum up my journey so far in Systema, in just a few words, is challenging. Suffice to say that Systema presents me with a much healthier & positive approach to life, reinforced by my ongoing journey of study into its well-being, combat & ethical teachings, that so underpin this humble, indomitable and Life based Art.


An experience on the way to Vladimir's class one night effectively sums up Systema for me, as follows:


" a busy metro station a talented musician plays the cello with an immense depth of has to stop and observe as they can feel the music in the air, in the walls, in their very being...


...Similarly in Systema, we absorb the art of movement and journey freely, without tension, with humility in our soul, and strength in our heart..."

Rob's route to Certification

Full Instructor certification was awarded to Rob by Vladimir Vasiliev, Chief Instructor, at his school's camp near Toronto, Canada in August 2018.  This followed an immersion into Systema with his tutor Matt Hill, which also included a two month intense training period with Vladimir and other senior Instructors in Canada during 2016.  Rob has also attended a number of seminars & camps throughout Europe, Canada and here in the UK; as his training progresses, a move to sharing such knowledge at seminars / workshops is a current expectation.


Rob’s journey into Systema began after a decade of training in various martial arts, primarily Japanese Ju-Jitsu where he attained 1st Kyu, before leaving to pursue other arts & sporting interests.  Rob has also trained in other art forms with respected instructors / mentors in Ju-jitsu, Kensa-JJ, OCFM and participated in specialised courses such as KEWAP & Wave Forms. Rob is also a fully certified Personal Trainer and practitioner under CIMPSA, and holds qualifications including fitness training and kettlebells.

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