Systema Health provides the student with the opportunity to discover the benefits of breathing properly, as well as finding fluid movement and reducing tension; effectively immersing oneself within the very foundation of Systema.  Through training you will begin to recognise how your body works.  You will gradually understand how to find both conscious & sub-conscious tension in your body and nullify it.  However Systema is not just about physiology, but also the human psyche; if we learn to relax the body, we learn to relax the mind.


The principle of breathing correctly allows one to explore both the physiological & psychological barriers to improving one’s health; through relaxation, flexibility and structure – three principles that in conjunction with breathing, underpin the positive benefits associated with the art.  Systema teaches its students to combine actions with breathing. Breathing also enhances and nurtures the 12 bodily systems, themselves vital for maintaining our homeostasis.  Breathing connects the respiratory system with the other six primaries - Nervous, Digestive, Muscular-Skeletal, Endocrine & Urinary.  In essence what this means is that breathing is not just a function that ends / starts in the lungs – it actually filters from head to toe, between heart and organs, muscle and sinew.

Today’s reality places a far greater pressure on the psyche.  One who is sufficiently patient to prepare their psyche to adapt to such stresses can become more relaxed and positive minded.  Furthermore, when episodes of increased stress whether short or long term in duration occur, Systema enables you to confront & manage them better through relaxation practices.  These reduce both the tension & stress placed on the body’s systems.


Health classes also embrace other sensitivities associated with improving motor skills, balance, massage, stretching, reactional speed and peripheral awareness.  In order to captivate Systema’s crucial relationship with nature & topography, some classes may take place externally and consist of various sensitivity & health training work within an outdoor environment. Such skills, fundamental to everyday activity, will be studied through various drills, including ‘4-Pillar’ work which focusses on core movement exercises.  The lessons are taught in a fun, engaging, but nonetheless progressive style, enhancing the potential for improved health & well-being.


“….In Systema it is fairly simple: everything that destroys is wrong & everything that strengthens & builds is correct….” Vladimir Vasiliev


“…Creativity requires the courage to let go of Certainties…” Erich Fromm

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