Do not break the person; break his desire to attack you….” By Mikhail Ryabko

Systema not only brings health benefits, but also primes the body and soul to manage the toils & stresses associated with everyday life, from remaining calm in situations where control is out of one’s hands (stuck in a traffic jam for example) to regrettably, the reality of possible personal attacks.


The reality of being attacked is quite possibly furthest from our minds as we go about our daily lives. However, in such an unfortunate circumstance, Systema teaches your body to react and protect itself utilising natural reflexes & sensitivities.  This is performed using minimal effort and the attacker’s movement & strength to one’s advantage.  To be able to breathe properly is essential, as this provides the inner strength & confidence to face up to such confrontations and deal with them.

Systema prepares both the psyche and body to deal with combat, slowly building up both structural strength and endurance.  Combat skills embrace any given situation range from flexibility, endurance, ‘light of foot’, accuracy and power, allowing one to adapt instantly with precision efficiency, whilst maintaining a relaxed and calm stasis.


Sensitivity is also very important in assessing modern day, stressful situations.  These can be averted through the empathetic reading of both people & the environment around you – such observation acknowledged through one’s calm natural body conditioning.



Though Systema works on providing the student with the precision and skills to nullify an attack using a range of proficiencies including kicks, punches & groundwork, it does so in a free-form, creative way.


It also prepares and brings confidence to the student to resourcefully deal with weapon attacks including knife, guns, bats and so on.  Systema utilises the aggression of any attacker to its advantage.  The student can both influence and redirect the power & tension brought by an attacker to their benefit, through movement and an understanding of anatomy & skeletal structure.


Students of all ages (currently over 18) are able to take part in Systema Combat as each individual works only within their own natural ability, creativity and strengths; to help this there are no grades, belts or exams.   The value being to give the student the competence & confidence to manage any overtly self-defensive, attack or bullying  situations.

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